Jeff’s Post – Down a Runner!

I hate that it has been so long since I’ve posted but life and everything else just seems to get in the way.  Tamara has been doing a good job keeping things going as we move through spring into summer.  My last post was after my marathon PR in March.  I was happy with where we were and where we were headed and then the Marines got a hold of us.  I managed to survive the brutal 17.75k but as we all know by now – Tamara not so much!  I feel a little responsible since Tamara wouldn’t have been in the 17.75k race if it wasn’t for me and I hate that.  It’s been tough watching her struggle through many different trials and tribulations and she works to get through this IT Band issue.  I have been trying to keep her cup ½ full and I have no doubt that she will be back stronger than ever – it is just going to take some time.

Tamara found a 4 Leaf Clover on our ride today - Good Luck!

Tamara found a 4 Leaf Clover on our ride today – Good Luck!

Tamara and I trained and ran so much together that it has been difficult for me to stay focused and quite frankly not as much fun running alone in the mornings, weekends and the races.  I know how bad she wants to get back out there and I’ve been trying to support her as much as she has continued to support me.  I’m trying to limit my whining during a bad run and bragging during a good run because I know she doesn’t want to hear it!

I will give a quick recap of the past few months:

  • Ran the Marine Corps 17.75k – Actually enjoyed portions of this brutal course but I’m not interested in doing it again anytime soon.  This was a week after my marathon so I was happy with my 8:00ish pace.
  • I ran our local 10k (I’m one of the race directors for this event) and placed in my AG with a 44:00ish time – About a minute slower than the previous year.
  • Ran the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5k in 21:00ish – About the same time as the previous year.   It was so amazing to watch Samantha run this!
  • Ran the St. Michaels ½ Marathon in 1:41:00ish – Although there was a headwind on the way back this course was made for a PR but I just didn’t have it.  I’m convinced if Tamara was in this race I would have PR’d and she would have too – Next Year!
  • I’ve been doing a lot more cross training (Elliptimill) and less running.  I’m still dealing with a nagging shin splint and the cross training has been helpful and just fun.
  • I got a new treadmill (Landice L8)IMG_20130506_195849_430 and gave my old one to my mom.  Tamara got a Landice last year and the quality difference between that and my Nordic Track was just night and day.  I put about 3000 miles on the Nordic Track in 2.5 years and it was great but I would wake the whole house up when I was running on that at 5:00am.  We are now 100% Landice (2 Treadmills and an Elliptimill). IMG_20130506_174933_268 Don’t think my old treadmill has been getting a break because it hasn’t.  My mom is on that daily – Go Mom!
  • Tamara and I have been able to get some really nice bike rides in.  I love the bike and have really been enjoying doing that together and look forward to many more bike rides. IMG_20130517_144049_402

What is next – I won an entry to the Run for the Dream ½ Marathon in Williamsburg VA this weekend so Tamara will be supporting me once again.  My running schedule is pretty much open after that.

Oh, did I mention that I want an Elliptigo :).  elliptigo I’m afraid if I got one I would be gone for days!

Happy Running!