Jeff’s Post – Goodbye October – Hello November and 2000 miles!

October was a great running month for me. I finished my first Marathon (Baltimore). I do find it interesting that in the month I ran my longest race I had one of my lower monthly running totals (thanks taper!). I ran 24 times (5 outside – the rest on the treadmill) for 180 miles. So far this year I have logged 1,909 miles. I’m excited to pass the 2000 mile mark this month. I never set out to run 2000 miles it just kind of happened. Hmmm….wonder what I could hit next year?

I’m looking forward to an exciting November (stay tuned) and finishing the year strong!

I will finish the year strong but this morning I was tired. I started and only ran a mile on the treadmill. My legs are sore and they just felt tired. If I’ve learned nothing else over the last 1900 miles I’ve learned to listen to my body – Better to take a day off so I can run another day.

Have a good day, run if you can and take a day off if you are feeling tired – it is ok!!


  1. Jeff & Tamara,

    I have really enjoyed reading your posts. The running community that is online is GREAT for motivation.

    • Hi Hank,

      Thank you for checking out our blog. I love the online running community too and appreciate all the other blogs out there. Comments on the blog motivate me so I appreciate you taking the time!

      Thanks again and happy running!