Jeff’s Post – Heart Rate!

When I first started running I would wear a heart rate monitor all of the time.  Over time I stopped and left the heart rate monitor strap in the closet.  Our new Elliptimill has a Cardio panel and it once again has me focused on my heart rate.  I’ve read many blogs where people have talked about heart rate and the “Optimal Zone” but I’ve never really paid that much attention.   I’m looking forward to a renewed focus on my heart rate in hopes that it will be just one more thing to get me to that next level.

Do you monitor your heart rate?  I would love to hear any suggestions.

Have a Happy Heart Healthy Day!



  1. I do. I have been working with a coach (via since April and he is definitely a HR proponent. I see several benefits, including the fact that the HR numbers give me a baseline against which I can measure how I am improving (or not) in endurance. It was a big change to go from running for specific distances to running for specific time amounts at HR zones and not worrying about distance but hopefully it will pay off in the long run. I am sure it got me through my first half marathon feeling very confident and now I’m shooting for a faster 5K.

    Another good piece about HR here:

  2. I have a Polar heart monitor that I was using regularly until it started acting up in the middle of my runs (it would only register about half of what my heart rate should be). I like it because I felt like it gives a more accurate tracking of my calories burned, and because I can easily sync the whatever workout I do (a run, time on the elliptical, a bike ride) when I get home. But I don’t check my heart rate constantly to try to hit a particular range. Since it stopped working properly, I stopped using it and just using MapMyRun to track my runs.

    • Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for the comment. I think I’ve decided to use the monitor full time while I’m on the Elliptimill but only on occasion while running. I might put it on during my next 5k but I’m not sure I want to see that result…might be scary. Best of luck with your running and Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment! Jeff