Jeff’s Post – It Happens!

I’ve been running long enough to know that every once in a while you won’t have your best running day.  Early on when I had a bad running day I would either stop my run or continue and let the feeling of the bad run linger.  This morning I had one of those “blah” treadmill runs where mile 3 felt like mile 20 of my last marathon.  What did I do?  I put my head down and just started to run.  I finished my 6 mile run strong and felt really good at the end.  I’m more motivated than ever to get back on the treadmill.  Can’t wait for my next run – I will “OWN” the treadmill!

Have a great running day and remember its ok to have a bad run every once in a while – your next great run is just around the corner!


  1. Funny you mention “owning” the treadmill. My friends and I discussed on Staurday how, even if nopthing else gets done, if we’ve done our run/workout for the day, we feel we “own” that day, andf can spend it as we want to.