Jeff’s Post – Marine Corps Marathon – Pre Race

It is Marine Corps Weekend and I’m sitting in the hotel room overlooking the Pentagon and I will admit I have a bit of cabin fever.  I don’t do well sitting still but I have forced myself into sequester for the afternoon (Tamara and Samantha are shopping).  I have always felt that I’ve walked too much the day before my marathons and I’m determined not to do it this time.  We arrived in DC late Friday night and made it to the expo just in time to do a quick run through.  I like expos and wish we had a bit more time but it just didn’t work out.  I did get to finally meet Bart Yasso at the Runners World booth.  It was great to say hi (Thanks Bart for signing my bib!).  Bart mentioned earlier in the week that he was going to have a shakeout run on the mall Saturday morning.  We changed our reservations so I could get up here a day earlier and do that.  So this morning I did just that and met Bart and a group of around 50 runners for a nice slow 2.6 mile run around DC.  On the metro I met a really nice couple who were here for the run.  I love running for many reason but one is the opportunity to meet and talk to all of the amazing people.   I love the running community.  It was fun to chat with fellow runners and such a relaxing way to start the day.  Thanks Bart – It was an honor to run with you.   As soon as that finished I jumped on the metro and headed back to the room to meet up with Tamara and Samantha.  Samantha ran the 1 mile kids race today.  She did great, finished strong and got a really nice medal at the end.  So nice to see Marine Corps do this and it was nice to see how many kids participated.  It was also good logistics training for me.  I got to see where I need to go in the AM.

I could go on and on but won’t right now.  I”m trying to rest :)  It looks like the weather will be ok on race morning which is a relief (Thanks for staying away Hurricane Sandy).  I’m focused and I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a special day.  It will be strange to be at the starting line without Tamara but I’m excited that both Tamara and Samantha are here to cheer me on. Good luck to all those running.  Stand by for recaps.  Most of our updates in the interim will be posted on twitter @werrunners.  Happy Running!