Jeff’s Post – Maybe – Just Maybe – I’ve found Consistency!

2:43 – 2:43 – 2:36 – My last three 20 mile training runs.  I felt so good after my first 20 miler that I was a bit worried that it may be a fluke but I think I’ve found the consistency I’m looking for as I work my way towards Marine Corps.  I’ve also think I found what works best for me mentally on the longer runs – Two 10 milers and a 10k.  I haven’t put the 10k on the end yet but I’m confident I can work through that on race day.  I’m beyond determined to improve my marathon time and can’t wait to get at it!  I plan on reducing my mileage slightly this week (I continue to nurse a sore shin) and will end the weekend with the Army 10 miler.  Tamara and I are both running the 10 miler (she will be racing, I will be running J).  I’m excited to be in DC for back to back weekends and I’m looking forward to two amazing runs!

Happy Running!