Jeff’s Post –Missing the Long Run!

I didn’t really take an extended running break over the holidays (I took three days off when we were in Vegas for the RnR ½ and two days at Christmas and New Years) but it feels like it has been a while since I have been in good running shape and feels like forever since I have been on a long run.  My last long run was the ½ in December.  I’ve have some very good fast runs outside and on the treadmill but I just haven’t had that I can run forever feeling in a while and I miss it!  I’ve been watching the weather and it looks like Saturday might be a good “long run” day (Tamara ??).  I’m looking forward to a few long runs and finding that “I can run forever” feeling again!

I’ve had a good treadmill running week 6 miles on Tuesday, 7 miles on Wednesday and 6 miles today.

Hope you have a great day – Go for a run if you get a chance – You will be glad you did!


  1. last night on the treadmill, as it was 30 degrees outside, I saw the five day weather report pop up on the news. Friday and Saturday are looking good for us Mid-Atlantic folks to get some road work in! I’m anxious to get back outside and to do some longer runs as well.

    • Hi Hank – Thanks for the comment – Still looks likes it will be a good running weekend in Maryland – Take care and happy running!