Jeff’s Post – My first GO Ride!

Yesterday I went on my Inaugural ElliptiGO ride and boy was fun and…..tiring!  I first saw the ElliptiGO in person at a fitness store last year and have been secretly wanting one since.  As my running evolves I find myself looking for new ways to stay fit and for alternatives to just running all the time and the ElliptiGO will do just that and allow me to train outdoors.1010936_10151715435194134_287011833_n

So thoughts on my first ride – Yesterday was the first time I’ve actually ever been on a ElliptiGO.  Yep, no test ride just decided I would jump on and figure it out.  I pushed the GO (all the cool kids just call this a GO) out to the end of our gravel road.  I was a little concerned about the 1/2 mile road (without shoulders) that I would have to ride before I got to a road with nice shoulders.  I made sure the road was completely clear of traffic and took off.  My first few strides were a bit rough.  I had the unit in a lower gear than I should of and I was struggling to find a good cadence but once I went to a higher gear and got some speed I began to smile..this thing is fun!  About a 1/2 mile in I started to feel my quads burning – that went away around mile 1 and I felt mostly strong the rest of my 13 mile ride.  Most of the ride I took fairly easy.  I was just trying to get comfortable with the feel and control of the GO.  I know my posture was bad at times (leaning too far over the handlebars) but I was able to straighten that out over time.  I definitely noticed this thing working my core and you really get no breaks during the ride.  You can coast but I felt like I was in motion all the time. IMG_20130620_174102_569

I’m looking forward to really working my GO and to getting some long rides in once I get comfortable.  I’ve set up a section on the blog where I will log some of my GO adventures.  Don’t worry running is #1 but I’m excited about my GO!

Enjoy your Day!