Jeff’s Post – My Running Buddy!

I’ve talked about running with Tamara but I haven’t discussed my other running buddy.  The truth is that Tamara and I rarely get to run together (a few times a month if we are lucky).  My other running partner is my adorable beagle mix “Teddy”.  He doesn’t actually run with me but he will sit and play with his toys for hours right beside the treadmill while I run.  All I have to say is “Let’s go workout” and he takes off to the basement. It sounds a bit silly but I love having him down there while I’m working out – he is having fun and he has literally watched me run for hours and hours and miles and miles.

I’ve had a good treadmill running week so far (6 miles each day) and Teddy has been there the whole time :).  Happy Running!






Watching me run is exhausting!



  1. That is super sweet! Teddy is awesome.