Jeff’s Post – On the Bike!

I’ve been dealing with this on again off again shin pain and decided to get back on the bike trainer this morning and give my leg a rest from the pounding.  I’m not 100% sure what is causing my shin issue but I want to get through RnR Philly next week and then see how I feel.  I ran 22  miles combined on Saturday and Sunday, both runs were outside and both runs were on hilly courses so I know that contributed to my shin pain.  I hope to get back on the treadmill tomorrow morning and see how things go.  I enjoyed the bike this morning and really need to incorporate it at least once a week to give my legs a little break.  The bike is always an interesting workout for me – It just feels harder than running but yet I don’t feel like I’m getting a great workout in – hard to explain.

As always, I had my adorable beagle mix Teddy beside me during my workout – The hum of the bike trainer puts him right to sleep!

Happy Running!