Jeff’s Post – Taper and Lift!

I’m into my taper stage for the marathon and I will be honest I’m not really sure I like this whole taper thing.  I do plan on reducing my mileage over the next few weeks but I’m not sure how much yet.  My right foot has been hurting a little so I guess my sore foot will be my excuse to reduce my mileage.  I really do want to be smart in what I’m doing – I’ve worked way too hard month after month to do something stupid now and I will keep telling myself not to push it.  That being said, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to abuse my arms a bit.  I had one killer arm/back workout after my run this morning.  You always know you’ve had a good workout when you feel like you are going to throw up when you are done.  So – Legs/Foot I hear you and I will take it easy on you for a few weeks but while my legs are resting my arms better lookout.

6.5 treadmill miles this morning – Have a great day and go for a run if you get a chance!


  1. Hi Jeff
    We just found your blog thanks to a tweet. Good luck for Baltimore Marathon – the first is always wonderful. Congrats on a great blog and website – we look forward to following from now on.

    Whilst the taper feels strange it works. Better to be rested than over train in the last 2 weeks when too late for training to increase fitness any more.

    Have a great run and enjoy every minute.

    In the long run

    Andrew and Sue

    • Thank you so much for visiting and the comment. I will take your advice! I’m hoping Baltimore will be the first of many :). Take care and Run on!

  2. Thanks for your tweet this morning – glad to find your blog! I’m looking forward to catching up on posts. Maybe we can meet up at Baltimore.