Jeff’s Post – The 9 Mile Week – Huh? – Really??

Last week I achieved a mileage milestone – 9 miles!  My lowest weekly running total all year.  I’ve looked at that week a couple times in Garmin Connect thinking there has to be something stuck in my Garmin that didn’t transfer but no it really was 9 miles.  Part of this was planned and I also have a couple excuses.  I mentioned to Tamara that I was going to cut back a little in December.  I’ve logged over 2100 miles this year and felt like mentally and physically I needed a little break.  We also spent a few extra days in Vegas after the RnR Half and we did what you do while in Vegas.  We ate, we gambled a little, we walked miles and miles and even partied like rock stars one night at the XS night club in the Encore.

XS in Vegas

It was nice to take a little break and my nagging foot/ankle are feeling better than ever.  I’m still planning my upcoming race schedule but for the remainder of December I’m content to just run when I feel like it and go from there.  I’m thinking I will average around 30 miles a week but we will see what happens.

I ran 4 treadmill miles this morning (14 miles so far this week).  Have a great day and go for a run if you get a chance!











  1. So nice to take a break sometimes :) love the pictures yay vegas