Jeff’s Post – Up Next – An MRI!

The last few weeks have been rather interesting.  Last week our entire household was sick with some sort of cold/flu (we are still not 100%).  I ended up running the Annapolis ½ Marathon on Saturday and boy was it foggy.  Not sure what it is with races in Annapolis.  The 10 miler last year was cancelled due to hurricane, the 10 miler this year was in a raging downpour and then the ½ Marathon was foggy the whole time.  I enjoyed the race.  I barely ran last week and felt horrible so I wasn’t looking to PR but still wanted a decent finish (I came across the line in 1:44 and some change).  Tamara was a bandit runner and ran about 7 miles with me so that was nice and she definitely pushed my pace.  We don’t promote bandit running but I can’t prevent her from jumping in with a bunch of people running :).  There was another first in this race for me.  I left with the lead pack and the lead pack took a wrong turn!  I just followed until I heard a bunch of people yelling and then saw the group running back at me.  I’m glad I wasn’t looking to PR.  There were some upset lead packers so I felt bad for them.  I enjoyed the race and definitely would do it again.  I love running the streets in Annapolis and the swag was great.

Oh, I almost forgot, next Tuesday I’m getting my first ever MRI.  After about 7 months of running through an annoying shin pain I decided (at Tamara’s urging) to go to the doc and see what was going on.  Well, what did we find out, not sure yet.  I have a couple bumps on the inside of my shin about midway up my leg.  The bumps have been the source of my pain and after seeing the x-ray the doctor wanted an MRI.  She believes I have some sort of cyst or lesion on my shin.  Not really sure what that means at the moment.  She said I can still run which is good but it will be nice to finally figure out what is going on.  I have my fingers crossed for good news and have decided to avoid “Dr. Google” and wait for the real diagnosis.