Jeff’s Post – What a Great Day for a Run!

It’s the middle of winter in Maryland and we continue to get teased with “Spring Like” temperatures.  I enjoy the change of seasons but I’m ready for warmer weather to get here and stay.  The warm weather reminds me of those many outside runs I’ve had with the sun on my back, dripping sweat and the feeling that I could run for days.  I definitely get a mild case of “Spring Fever” on these warmer days.  As I walk into work I often make the comment “What a Great Day for a Run”.  Today, the forecast is for temperatures in the high 60’s.  It will be a great day for an outside run so I will be bringing my running shoes to work in hopes that I can squeeze an outside run in when the work day is over!

I ran 6 miles on the treadmill this morning for good measure – Here is hoping today will be a double!

Have a great day and Happy Running!