Jeff’s Quarterly Update

It seems silly that I can’t find time to update the blog but I just came back from a fun 10 mile run in the rain and thought I would take a moment to say hi!  I can’t possibly update you on everything that we’ve done over the past three months so I will give you a Cliff Notes version and this will be a bit of a ramble.  Tamara’s year long IT Band issue seems to be over although I think she is still aware of it at times.  I’ve been averaging around 25 – 30 miles a week really training for nothing at the moment just trying to stay in running shape.  I bought a pair of Hokas (they won’t be my everyday shoe but they are a nice recovery shoe).  I have marathon lottery fatigue – I wasn’t picked for Marine Corps, I wasn’t picked for New York….I’m hopeful for Chicago.  I still want to run a fall marathon so if I don’t get selected for Chicago I will find a nice small marathon to run.  Tamara’s birthday was a few weeks ago and I got her a new Garmin 620 and a fitbit.  I also got a fitbit for me.  The fitbit certainly isn’t accurate for running but I’m enjoying keeping track of my activity.  It is a bit depressing to look at on a day that I don’t run.  Tamara and I volunteered as bike marshals for our local hometown marathon a month or so ago…that is always fun!  The local 5k/10k Hospice Fundraiser I help direct is a few weeks away and the local officials wouldn’t sign off on our permit (we’ve been using the same route for 18 years) so we are trying to find a suitable course in a short period of time….that has not been fun!  We went to Disney a few weeks ago – a fun/exhausting trip but I was able to run around the resort almost every morning.  We have had our share of snow in Maryland this year so the warm sunny Florida weather was refreshing.  Well – there you have it!  Thanks for reading and sharing and we will be in touch sooner rather than later!

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