Knee Issues, Pain, Tears, and Ibuprofen…

I’ve been too “running depressed” to blog about this until now…I get like that, let a minor running issue throw me onto a crazy emotional rollercoaster that causes me to not see the many great running years ahead of me…but making it through the day or week without a run is sometimes unbearable!

I experienced some very tight hamstrings a few days after running the Virginia Beach Shamrock ½ Marathon on 3/17 – not sure why – it was a super flat course, perhaps my blistering pace?! I thought nothing of it when I shot out of the starting corral at the MCM 17.75K one week later on 3/23. I felt the tightness for over half of the race and some slight knee pain – but I kept going…when I crossed the finish line I struggled to walk to the finish celebration and clenched my teeth in pain with every step. I quickly realized the rolling, winding, “brutal” hills through Prince William Forest did a number on my knee.

Since the race, I have been taking 2-3 days off and then running ½ a mile before I end up in tears from the severe pain that radiates on the outside of my knee. I haven’t felt this kind of knee pain before – Google says it could be ITB syndrome…but frankly I don’t spend a ton of time diagnosing, I just try to figure out how to rest it while staying fit. I am super thankful that Jeff is a runner – when I hop off the treadmill in tears after ½ mile he can understand that my brain needs the run more than my body does. I ran ½ mile on Sunday and rested until this morning…I decided I would try to take 2 ibuprofen and then run…I know, I know – I am masking the pain, but it doesn’t hurt when I walk (well, not very often), so it can’t be too bad of an injury – probably just overuse…see, I can diagnose just like Google! Anyway, I made it 1.75 miles before I felt my knee – success! From there on the pain was bearable and I ran 3 miles – further success!

I really know I should rest it some more – and I also know that compared to some running injuries my friends have encountered, this is minor – or least that is my diagnoses…so I will not run tomorrow or Friday – but Saturday I plan to run our biggest local race Hospice 5K. I really, really want to run it and claim my annual age group award – so hoping that my knee holds out…then I will reassess the status of my injury – maybe it will magically be gone?! For now, I just know I am able to run without tears – so in a runner’s mind – that is like winning the lottery!