MIA – Tamara’s Update

Yeah, it’s like I’m missing in action from the blog – couple of reasons – not running and not enough time! After riding my bike on the trainer Monday and Tuesday, I decided to try running this morning – not such a great idea…my leg hurt instantly. I slowed it way down and managed 1 mile – seems like I shouldn’t even mention it and it is very frustrating as my mind needs the running. I think I’m going to continue to back off and try a mile every other day for the next week. Depressing, irritating, maddening…hate being down from an injury – but I desparately want to run the RnR 1/2 in September so know it’s better to rest it now and work back into it gradually. I’ll get back on my bike tomorrow – that doesn’t hurt at all and at least I’m getting somewhat of a workout…but darn it – I need a new bike computer! Adding it to my list!