Running Late!

I was anxious to run 8 or 9 miles this morning…but Jeff will tell you I must have been more interested in sleeping in! Yeah, it was my laziness that caused us to begin our run so late this morning…7:15! Any runner would agree…in the heat…if you plan to run more then a few miles, that’s too late! I hate running in the heat…I continually slow down…and can’t stop thinking about how hot it is. Without Jeff I wouldnt have run 8 miles (I couldn’t manage 9). I try to be extra strong (and try not to whine) when we run together because the time and miles go by quicker when someone is with you. But I was happy he sprinted (how the heck could he run that fast in the heat??!!) ahead of me for the last mile…I was toast and settled into a 9:40ish pace and dreamed of my finish. Note to self: get your butt outta bed so you are not running late next time!!!