Sof Sole Sock Review

Back in the summer Tamara and I were contacted to see if we would be interested in trying out and reviewing Sof Sole socks.  We love trying out products so of course we said yes!    A few weeks later we received a nice note from Emily from Sof Sole along with a few packs of  Coolmax Running socks with the promise that the socks wick away moisture to keep your run comfortable and enjoyable.

Jeff’s Review – My first thought when I put the socks on were how thin they were and how comfortable they felt.  I’ve put these socks to the test.  I’ve run in the blistering summer heat in Ocean City, MD and used them for all of my summer outdoor runs.  I’ve carried them 13.1 miles through Philadelphia and recently took them 26.2 Marine Corps miles through the streets of Washington, DC.  The socks always felt good but I think the biggest test I had was during the Annapolis 10 miler.  The rain was coming down sideways and I was literally running through puddles.  My shoes and my Coolmax socks were squishy with water but I never got a blister, my feet never felt uncomfortable and towards the end of the run they even felt dry.  I love these socks and they are the only socks I wear while racing.  My only complaint is that I wish they had a slighly more distinguishable marking on the socks so I could easily pair them up when I’m doing laundry :).

Tamara’s Review – I switch my brand of running socks every few years…for no particular reason. I like the brand I have been running in, but was excited to try another brand. I too was shocked at how thin the Sof Sole socks were – surely I would get blisters! I did several test runs on my short training runs building up to the RnR Philly 1/2 Marathon. I soon found myself digging through my sock drawer for these socks and getting frustrated that I when they were dirty! I love the feel of these socks – I’m not constrained by too much material that may move or wrinkle like I have experienced with other thicker socks. I also like the fact that the model we were given to try was short and it never slipped down in my shoe. I ran the 1/2 marathon and Army 10 miler in these socks – I’m hooked and yes, I will buy more!





As required by the FTC: We received this product for a review, received no monetary compensation.  All opinions expressed are ours and ours alone.