Such a Great Feeling!!

After a huge delay in blogging – and an injury that has kicked my butt – I ran 5 miles today outside. Quick recap: 12063567_10153679735804134_2341392480932621825_nI was so pumped for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) last October. I just knew I was gonna break a 4:00. After a late (yup, my fault) trek to the start line and huge delays – we were rushing like mad to get there on time. Typical me was not paying attention and fell into a man on a bicycle in runner’s village – knocked is bike down and I landed on top of it. Banged up my knee – but thought I was fine. After 4 miles, I knew the next 22 were going to painful….and they were – the most excruciating pain I ever felt running. I pushed through it with tears and only with my head telling me to keep going. I finished in 4:01 and in classic Tamara style was dehydrated, limping, throwing up a bit, and disoriented as I crossed the finish line…but I finished…
Good news was that my doctor was sure it was a torn meniscus – but I believe the constant prayer my daughter was doing as she saw me limping around the house truly lessened my injury. After a MRI, doc told me it was severe swelling behind the knee cap and a bruised knee bone that could take 2-4+ months to heal – it would heal was the key.
I’ve run 2x outside since MCM – each time 3 miles – today I pushed for 5. I had to run in the grass some as the pounding bothers my knee still sometimes. But it is so much better and I am well on my way to start training for MCM again – I will conquer that race! I will!!!!!


Us – After the 2015 MCM