Jeff’s Post – When to Marathon?

Last year I ran my first marathon in September (Baltimore) and my second a month later in October (Richmond).  My plan this year was to run both a spring and fall marathon but after spending hours last night trying to find a spring race I’m leaning towards a few in the fall again.  I love […]

Jeff’s Post – Marathon # 1 Baltimore 3:58 – Marathon #2 Richmond 3:58

I still find it a bit freaky that I finished my two Marathons with the same time (actually Marathon #1 Baltimore was 20 seconds quicker).  Obviously, I wanted a better time for #2 but I’m still thrilled with what I have accomplished in such a short time.  I’m also ready for Marathon #3 but should […]

Jeff’s Post – Wow – Is This How the Other Half Lives!

I’m in the midst of another taper and this one really feels different from the one I had about a month ago.  When I was preparing for my first marathon the taper week freaked me out a bit.  I didn’t really embrace it.  I was nervous about my upcoming race, I was nervous about my […]

Jeff’s Post – Running the thin Line!

I’m 9 days away from Marathon #2 (Richmond) and 18 days post Marathon #1 (Baltimore) and I feel a little like I’m running a thin line. I love to run so the taper before the first marathon, recovery after and then another taper (or whatever you call it the 2nd time around) is driving me […]

Yep -I’m running another Marathon in two weeks – Hello Richmond!

Hello Richmond!  A few weeks ago I ran my first Marathon (Baltimore).  It was an incredible experience and I was thrilled to be a marathoner.  I was happy with my Baltimore run but deep down I wanted to do better.  For the first time in my brief racing history I struggled both mentally and physically.  […]