Almost Wordless Wednesday – Couples Prize!

Happy Wednesday!  Tamara and I took home our first couples prize (2nd place) at the Sweetheart 4 miler race in Fredericksburg, VA!  Yeah!!                   And then we went to see Bon Jovi!

Jeff’s Post – Running > Biking!

The bottom of my foot was still bothering me yesterday so I decided to spend about an hour on the bike trainer (I also lifted weights).  I like throwing the bike in every once in a while but I enjoy running so much more.  I never have an issue running inside on the treadmill but […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – In the zone!

In the zone – love that!  My run this morning was one of those that just felt good the whole time.  I knew by mile 1 that it was going to be a good run and I knew I would go long just not sure how long.  I really wanted to do another ½ marathon […]