Jeff’s Post – Challenges and Hurricane Pics!

Geez – we have had some challenges lately.  In the past week we have had an earthquake and a hurricane (The Annapolis 10 Miler I was supposed to run was cancelled due to the hurricane).  Thankfully we survived both with no damage.  We lost power for around 24 hours after Hurricane Irene but I have […]

Reality TV Distracts Me from Quake Fears!

After experiencing the quake yesterday I was still on edge this morning. I was worried we would have another quake while I was in the basement running and Sam was upstairs sleeping – would I be able to get upstairs in time to save her? My mind had been racing with “after quake fear” since […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Earthquake Training “Check” – Hurricane Training “Check”!

I run mostly because I just enjoy the whole experience.  I like to push myself both mentally and physically – running does that for me.  My competitive side is the side that pushes me to sign up for races with a goal of continuous improvement.  I have three races coming up so at the moment […]