Jeff’s Quarterly Update

It seems silly that I can’t find time to update the blog but I just came back from a fun 10 mile run in the rain and thought I would take a moment to say hi!  I can’t possibly update you on everything that we’ve done over the past three months so I will give […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Preparing for the Hurricane!

We live in Southern Maryland and it really looks like we are going to get hit with our first big hurricane in years.  I think I have most of the basics to survive – protein shakes, bananas, G2, Garmin charged, iPods charged, all running clothes laundered, 4 pairs of new Brooks shoes in stock and […]

Jeff’s Daily Post – Hello June – Give me 10!

Still in a strong running zone.  I felt really good at 6 miles this morning so I decided to keep pushing to 10.  Is there another treadmill ½ marathon on the horizon?  Hmmm – we will see. I like numbers and love to analyze my runs using Garmin Connect and MapMyRun.  I love to look […]