Jeff’s Post – Heart Rate!

When I first started running I would wear a heart rate monitor all of the time.  Over time I stopped and left the heart rate monitor strap in the closet.  Our new Elliptimill has a Cardio panel and it once again has me focused on my heart rate.  I’ve read many blogs where people have […]

Jeff’s Post – A Bit of a Running Wreck!

A bit of a running wreck is how I would describe my running lately.  Left shin hurts, right calf hurts, head hurts, back hurts, I feel like I weigh 1000 pounds – I’m a piece of work.  I’m trying to limit my whining to Tamara.  She typically isn’t in the mood to hear about all […]

Jeff’s Post – A New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!  I officially just went through my longest non-blogging streak (going to fix that) and also my lowest mileage month in years (hope to fix that too).  A quick recap to get you up to speed.  In early December I finally went to the doctor to have my aching shin looked […]

Jeff’s Post – Up Next – An MRI!

The last few weeks have been rather interesting.  Last week our entire household was sick with some sort of cold/flu (we are still not 100%).  I ended up running the Annapolis ½ Marathon on Saturday and boy was it foggy.  Not sure what it is with races in Annapolis.  The 10 miler last year was […]

Jeff’s Post – Thankful!

Having just woke up from a food induced and Redskins victory nap, I’m reminded how fortunate I am.  We had a great Thanksgiving today.  The day started out with a gaggle of runners in the minivan on a 1 hr road trip to a Turkey Trot and ended with a great dinner with my parents. […]