Jeff’s Post – 5K Madness??

I needed some things to heal after my Marathon training so I’ve definitely reduced my mileage the past few weeks.  I haven’t had a run longer than 6 miles (that might change tomorrow morning – we will see!) and honestly it has been a bit refreshing.  I still have a 1/2 marathon looming in the […]

Jeff’s Post – Love me some Twitter!

Well, I haven’t really been away from the blog for too long but it seems like a long time.  We tend to post more as we get ready for races and in between life just seems to get in the way.  We’ve definitely been more active on Twitter lately (follow us @werrunners).  Tamara and I […]

Jeff’s Post Marathon #1 3:58 – Marathon #2 3:58 – Marathon #3 3:58 – Really??

Let me begin by saying we had a great weekend in DC.  This was my first Marine Corps Marathon and it was all I expected it to be – well almost (I’ll get to that in a minute).  It was great to see Marines everywhere and the sense of patriotism and pride was evident everywhere.  […]

Army Ten Miler!

Tamara and I are in Arlington this weekend to run the Army Ten Miler.  Just got back form the Expo.  The parking/traffic was a bit of a cluster but the Expo was well organized.  Now I need to find pizza for dinner!  Not sure what kind of pace we are looking at tomorrow.  I’ve got Marine Corps next […]

Jeff’s Post – Maybe – Just Maybe – I’ve found Consistency!

2:43 – 2:43 – 2:36 – My last three 20 mile training runs.  I felt so good after my first 20 miler that I was a bit worried that it may be a fluke but I think I’ve found the consistency I’m looking for as I work my way towards Marine Corps.  I’ve also think […]