We Made it to the Dance! #Runwiththemarines

Long overdue update but we made it to the dance and are excited to be running the 39th Annual Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow.  Marathon #6 for me and my 3rd Marine Corps.  This will be Tamara’s 2nd Marathon (She ran the Inaugural Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego in 1998).  Tamara is nervous, I […]

Jeff’s Quarterly Update

It seems silly that I can’t find time to update the blog but I just came back from a fun 10 mile run in the rain and thought I would take a moment to say hi!  I can’t possibly update you on everything that we’ve done over the past three months so I will give […]

Jeff’s Post – #MCM2013

Hello my friends…..it has been way to long.  Tamara and I started our journey towards Marine Corps 2013 here – it was going to be a joint effort but that wasn’t in the cards.  I’m happy to report that after months of hard work, frustration and yes, some tears Tamara is well on her way […]

Jeff’s Post – A New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!  I officially just went through my longest non-blogging streak (going to fix that) and also my lowest mileage month in years (hope to fix that too).  A quick recap to get you up to speed.  In early December I finally went to the doctor to have my aching shin looked […]

Jeff’s Post – When to Marathon?

Last year I ran my first marathon in September (Baltimore) and my second a month later in October (Richmond).  My plan this year was to run both a spring and fall marathon but after spending hours last night trying to find a spring race I’m leaning towards a few in the fall again.  I love […]