Jeff’s Post – Missing the Bling!

Rock and Roll Las Vegas was the last time I was able to put some new bling around my neck.  I’m itching to add to my collection.  Today is the first day of March, the days are getting longer and I’m ready to race!  Looking forward to Rock and Roll USA in just 16 days. […]

Tamara’s Post – RnR Vegas Race Review…Been There, Ran That!

Wow! Despite the tons of negative posts I have read on the RnR Las Vegas Marathon and Half Marathon and experiencing a bit of my own personal race drama (read on) I still gotta say – (don’t hate me…) I loved the race! Jeff did a great recap of the race, so I’ll try not […]

Jeff’s Post – Social Media Frenzy!

I will admit I’m a bit of a social medial junky and I tend to go on overload anytime Tamara and I are participating in a big running event.  I’m following all of the updates on the race facebook page and I’m searching all of the twitter hash tags like a crazy man.  It is […]

Jeff’s Post – Rock N Roll Las Vegas ½ Marathon Review – A Tale of Two Races!

Wow this is way longer than I wanted it to be – I have broken it up in sections so you can read what you like! As I write this Tamara and I are in the air on our way home to Maryland.  We are three days removed from our last big race of the […]

And We Have a Winner!!

Thanks to those who entered the “Guess our Time” Contest.  This was our first contest and I actually thought about the times at a couple points during my run – hoping I might break a 1:40.  Thank you for the extra motivation!  Tamara and I both PR’d and we were thrilled with our times. Jeff […]