Jeff’s Post – It Happens!

I’ve been running long enough to know that every once in a while you won’t have your best running day.  Early on when I had a bad running day I would either stop my run or continue and let the feeling of the bad run linger.  This morning I had one of those “blah” treadmill […]

Jeff’s Post – My Running Buddy!

I’ve talked about running with Tamara but I haven’t discussed my other running buddy.  The truth is that Tamara and I rarely get to run together (a few times a month if we are lucky).  My other running partner is my adorable beagle mix “Teddy”.  He doesn’t actually run with me but he will sit […]

Jeff’s Post –Missing the Long Run!

I didn’t really take an extended running break over the holidays (I took three days off when we were in Vegas for the RnR ½ and two days at Christmas and New Years) but it feels like it has been a while since I have been in good running shape and feels like forever since […]

Jeff’s Post – Wordless Wednesday

Jeff’s Post – Mind Games and Focus

It was so nice to get a decent run in this morning (7 treadmill miles) as I continue with my “Easy” December.  I find there are times when I’m enjoying the break but more often than not I’m missing the runs!  It’s interesting how “unfit” I feel after a few days off.  I realize it […]