Jeff’s Post – An Update!

Our posting frequency will pick up soon but we are still consumed by all things house related.  We are making progress but I won’t lie I’m almost over the basement remodel.  It is looking great but I can’t wait to get it done and be done with the dust – I’ve never seen so much […]

Jeff’s Post – Year in Review #6 – We are Warriors!

In May Tamara and I participated in Warrior Dash.  We had a great time and highly recommend this event! Our post can be found here. Have a great day and if you have never participated in a Warrior Dash put that on your list for next year!

We are Warriors

Yesterday Tamara and I ran the Warrior Dash race in Budd’s Creek Maryland (only 15 minutes from our house).  This was our second weekend in a row participating in a Red Frog Events Race (this company is definitely on to something – so sorry I didn’t think of it first!).  We will get back to […]