Tamara’s Daily Post – Another Movie!

I didn’t get to post this morning – I’m trying to get to work earlier in the summers, so my time is limited and depends on when Samantha gets up and what kind of mood she is in! I started a new movie this morning – Duplicity starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. It’s a pretty decent movie and I ran 6 miles so I was able to get into it. I normally set the volume to 90, but it’s still hard to hear when they are talking low due to the treadmill – so I have the subtitles turned on. I’ve gotten pretty good reading the subtitles, watching the movie, glancing at my mileage/pace, and watching the video monitor I have on Samantha. My DVR’ed movies are getting slim – I hope Directv gives another free movie weekend soon or I’ll end up watching the morning news – ugh!!!