Tamara’s Daily Post – Getting Easier

As I continue to break my rule regarding how far to run on the treadmill, it gets much easier! I ran 5 miles this morning…which is a decent run for me since I am not the natural long distance runner like Jeff! :) I was interested in finishing a movie I was watching and just when the plot was about to plateau, the screen froze and I got a message that I was not authorized for the recording!!! Ugh!!!!! Oh, that’s right I am too cheap to subscribe to any movie channels and record things like crazy when Directv periodically gives access for free. This movie was recorded the last day of a free access period. It was called The Good Girl, a low budget Jennifer Anniston movie – not great, but something to take my mind off the miles and to make treadmill running easier for me. I checked my DVR and was thankful I still had 3 free movies to watch! Score! Guess I will have to catch the end of this movie when it is on local TV.