Tamara’s Daily Post – Me and the Waves…

When the alarm went off this morning I was so glad that Jeff was running first! I fell right back to sleep…ahhhh! After he ran 10 miles, it was my turn. I headed back down to the beach. There was less activity this morning, it seemed as if people were anxious to get back home…not me…as I ran I was dreading the end of vacation and having to go back to our normal working lives. So I focused on the waves lightly crashing onto the beach to keep my mind from reality. I had a hard time getting my footing this morning and felt like I was all over the shoreline trying to find the hardest packed sand – the best for running. I turned around at 2.5 miles and headed back toward the big looming condo that I could see in the distance. I was disappointed I didn’t get up super early and look for shells this trip, so I ran close to the water to see if I could find anything. I saw just a few broken sand dollars but nothing much more. I started enjoying darting in and out as the waves seemed to be determined to get my running shoes wet! The miles passed quickly and I was a little sad to be back at the hotel so soon, but at the same time I was happy to have gotten in 2 beach runs on this memorable vacation!


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