Tamara’s Daily Post – On My Mind

I wasn’t sure when I got up if I should try a run or not, my leg felt a bit achy…or was that just a phantom pain because I was exhausted and didn’t want to get up? I brought my cycling shorts with me to the basement just in case I decided to switch to my bike instead. I checked my morning email from Jeff and was immediately concerned about his foot since he mentioned it was hurting. I started my run and couldn’t get Jeff off my mind. I wonder if he was able to run? I did a slow 3 miles…yup…never been happier to run only 3 miles!!! After my run I continued to wonder how Jeff was doing. I hit the refresh button on my Facebook app about 20 times until I finally saw Jeff’s post that he ran 9 miles! Wow! I am looking forward to getting some distance in again real soon!