Tamara’s Daily Post – Oprah for President!!

I wasn’t feeling very motivated this morning for my run. As I slowly got ready I even further procrastinated by refreshing my email waiting for my morning email from Jeff. Hmmmm…maybe he slept in? I quickly dismissed that thought, that is a near impossible feat for him! I continued avoiding my run by scrolling through my DVR list with disappointment. All my favorite treadmill shows are on break til the Fall – The Event, Hellcats, and 90210. I decided to catch up on Oprah, I love Oprah and swear I would vote for her for President. As I did one last refresh of my email, I was happy to get my morning email from Jeff – that motivated me as he mentioned he was already running…I better stop slacking! I have watched Oprah for years, as I have gotten older and my life has filled with more responsibilities I don’t get to watch her as often as I like. So I DVR the Oprah Show…and on 3 DVRs. Today I watched the first farewell show and part of the second. I can’t believe the show is nearly over after 25 years. I am a horribly emotional person and have a hard time watching her show on the treadmill sometimes…I get so into it I lose my breath and feel like I am going to fall off…really! The shows today were nothing short of overwhelming as stars wished Oprah farewell. I teared up and I laughed, it was a great mix of entertainment. And…Madonna is a long time idol of mine and she was on the show!! I ended up running 5 miles after struggling to even start…thanks Oprah, I will always be a fan!