Tamara’s Daily Post – Owwwww, My Back!!!

I hate my arms! I suppose you are wonderinng what that has to do with my back. For some odd reason I can’t find as much time as I would like to workout more….hmmm…I just had a great idea, quit my job! Ok, enough dreaming. So I try to find time to lift weights to help shape my skinny arms. Did just that earlier this week and now my back is very sore…just knew I was going to overdo it, I always do. My old lady remedy of a heating pad and 2 Advil have been helpful in the evenings and help mask the pain during my run. I was able to run 6 miles this morning…oh and so much more important news is I got to watch the rest of The Event on my DVR from Monday…love that show!! My back didn’t hurt during the run, but immediately after it did…ugh…hope Jeff doesn’t have to hoist me up over the obstacles at Warrior Dash tomorrow! Anyway, my lesson learned (I hope) is to not get so crazy about the amount of weight and reps when I can start working out these skinny arms again!