Tamara’s Daily Post – We are 17!

Just read Jeff’s post for today and it really did crack me up! So now my blog post is going to be in response. For the record, in my opinion it’s working for you Jeff!! :)
He is right, I will dance to anything and actually did a bit of dancing after my 4 mile treadmill run this morning! I switch from a movie to a music channel after my run and then do either weights, more leg exercises, and always 10-15 minutes of ab work. I sometimes (ok, quite frequently) get distracted by the music and start dancing instead of working out! It is interesting that one day Jeff will listen to the country countdown and the next he’s listening to Top 20 dance music – so glad my obsession with current Pop music is rubbing off on him – after all we are 17! Guessing from the pictures it is obvious we are not…but it sure is fun to pretend sometimes! Keep working it Jeff – you continue to motivate me!