Tamara’s Daily Post – Yeah!!

I decided I wasn’t going to the WID race with Jeff this morning, didn’t have someone to watch Sam and still not 100% feeling better. So I prepared to run on my treadmill, but was diverted from my plan when my power went out at 0715. Now what? After an hour I called the electric company to report the outage. Then Sam and I set out to investigate…we drove down the road only to find people a mile from us had power. Hmmm…. Sam had a great idea, since her Dad had power she should go there. Ahhh…she is brillant! Now I get to run…outside!!! Getting ready to run I received a race report from Jeff…I do not want to give away his story, so all I can say is that I was incredibly proud of him. As I set out for my run the electric company was out fixing the problem. I felt pretty good and ran 2.5 miles to my turnaround. I continued to maintain a decent pace back all the while being inspired by Jeff and his race results. I was thrilled my power was restored (out 3 hours) when I returned from my 5 mile run and I was pleasantly surprised to see the results of my Garmin upload – 7:43 pace…yeah, I am back!!!