Tamara’s Daily Post – Yup, Got Another Run in this Weekend!

Ok, before I get too excited – let me recall it was only 3 miles! And it was on the treadmill! And it was while listening to my 6 year old daughter and her friend watch 101 Dalmations in the other room (and they were fighting too!) – but I did still enjoy the run. I think if I hadn’t been interrupted so many times by the kids I would have gone further, but since my leg is well on the mend I want to keep it that way! I enjoyed knowing Jeff was running the same time I was running again today – he was outside though – I knew it was hot, so I sucked up the cool breeze from my fan and enjoyed my movie! Looking forward to more running this week – but gonna ride my bike tomorrow to give my leg a rest. I’m pretty happy that I’m back to running! Now to get back to my pace and mileage without getting injured again – that’s the trick!!