Tamara’s Post – Building Confidence…

I wasn’t looking forward to our 13 mile run this morning – I woke up super-tired with a headache and was in a semi-foul mood…which was elevated when I somehow managed to slam my finger in the microwave door while heating up my oatmeal – ugh, it’s still sore! I was thristy, hungry, my stomach was acting up, and still tired when we headed out from Jeff’s house. I began focusing on my music – love my music! I got in a good pace quickly – but had no idea what that pace was – I don’t look at my Garmin unless I have to. It was nice to run a route that I hadn’t run before – I just followed Jeff’s direction as we made our way through the Amish community and than up to our turnaround point – where the wind slapped me in the face. I felt like I was struggling, but kept reminding myself that I was getting stronger. After a hilly detour to get in a few extra miles, we headed back. Less than 2 miles out I was again feeling defeated as the wind almost knocked my hat off as we made our way up a very long hilly incline – I hated looking up – I thought we were never going to get to the crest of the hill. So I tucked in behind Jeff’s tall lean body and hoped he would break the wind – yup, it worked! I got really close to his heels as he made his way up the hill – and no sooner had I found my position out of the wind when he seemed to pick up the pace and take off! Huh!? Guess I should have told him my strategy – afterall, wasn’t it all about me?! I watched him pull farther away from me and there was no hope of catching him to have him break the wind – ok, back to remembering how strong I was getting! I followed behind him, never caught him, until we got to his driveway – I thought for sure we had only run 11 or 12 miles – I was thrilled when I stopped my Garmin at 14 miles in 2:01 – not super fast, but I’ll take it and my confidence will take it too! Enjoyed this run – memories also include a very hilly side road with no shoulders, locals target shooting, quite a bit of road kill, and the outline of our 2 shadows running side by side as we got stronger and stronger! :)


  1. I love how you say that wasn’t fast! You’re one kick ass woman! An inspiration! As a mom of 2 (ages 3 and 1) I find your posts very inspirantional!!!!!

    • Thanks Mary! You are an inspiration too – especially if you have 2 under the age of 4! :) I truly believe running makes me a better Mommy, I’m sure you can relate! Keep running!