Tamara’s Post – Finally Feeling Like a Runner Again!

Been a long time since I posted, I tried once last week and lost my darn internet connection. My knee is still a bit out of sorts – it’s just a weird feeling when I run – but I’ve been doing a lot of other leg exercises to try to make my quads and hamstrings stronger and think that has been helping. I was thrilled to be able to run 4 miles yesterday and 5 today – treadmill runs but that helps the healing compared to the harsh pounding of the road. I’m ready to get back into a schedule – but also am going to be really cautious as not to increase my mileage too quick so I can avoid further injury. I signed up for the diaper derby (A.K.A 5K) at the Baltimore Running Festival this upcoming weekend. Thought it would be fun to run a short race while Jeff ran the marathon – but I actually might skip it to save my knee – haven’t decided yet. I’m prepared to cheer Jeff on for 26.2 miles and am very excited for him – I know he is going to do great…and I’m looking forward to celebrating with him after the race!