Tamara’s Post – Thankful for a Great Run!

I was bummed I couldn’t join Jeff on the 10 mile run this morning, but I was determined to get a run in later and was happy he could join me! As he has said, we do run so well together and I love the fact that if I just don’t talk he gets it – he knows either I don’t feel well or I’m super-serious about the run. We had a slight headwind down 3 miles and I knew the run back would be easier – and it was! I didn’t look at my Garmin, but was hoping we were hitting negative splits (we did!). I did know we were running at a pretty good pace when I could hear Jeff breathing a bit harder than normal – and the sound of his shoes hitting the road seemed a bit different…all the things I think about in my mind to try to figure out how fast I am running…I’m sure it would be easier to figure out if I would just look at my Garmin! I did look once we hit my road and was tickled we were running about a 7:30 pace at that point! It was a great 6 mile run and I’m very thankful that Jeff pushed me out there today…and I’m super thankful he is in my life, we make a great team!