Time to Get Motivated!

Now I gotta write, Jeff’s post made me feel lazy…I mean, it motivated me…

For the past several months every time I started to write it turned into a sob story where I would whine about how terrible it was to be me because my ITBS injury was preventing me to run like I used to. It’s Fall now, 7 months since the Marine’s challenged me to the 17.75K that caused me the worse running injury I have had in 19 years. I can now run 3 miles without pain, stop and stretch, and run another 3 miles – 6 miles total. I am pretty darn pleased with my progress…until I remember it took 7 months to get back to 6 miles…ugh!!!

2013-10-24 21.18.00

Cool age group award!

I think it is time to move my 17.75K age group award off the kitchen counter (Jeff will be ecstatic!)…we keep all of our awards, medals, and numbers in our gym in the basement…but this one has remained in the kitchen, in my face, every single day. I’m not sure why, but I wouldn’t let anyone touch it because for some strange reason I wanted to see it – I wanted it to motivate me to keep running, to get stronger, to not give up. I can still see the sign that said “Pick it up buttercup!” as I ran as fast as I could up a crazy steep hill through the Prince William forest.

I felt defeated for months after that race. I felt like a non-runner as I attended races with Jeff where I was a spectator. And I felt like a total failure as I deferred my Marine Corps Marathon 2013 entry until 2014. But, I’m over it now…hmmmm…does it really sound like I’m over it? I think I just whined for 3 paragraphs!!!!

I am looking forward to being a spectator and a cheerleader for Jeff at the MCM this weekend – he’s gonna do great! I’m an old pro at navigating the streets of DC to find him at points during the race. It’s a challenge to me!

As for my running future – I don’t know…I really want to run another ½ marathon in the Spring so will spend the Winter getting stronger. I did splurge big time last month and bought a new triathlon bike. I haven’t done a tri for over 9 years, but I’m ready! Here is my new toy, isn’t she a beauty!!!??

Love my new bike!!!

Love my new bike!!!