We have the Runs!

A big “Thank You” to Scott over at Who has the Runs for having us on his blog.  We have enjoyed his interviews with other runners and are thrilled to be on his site.  Want to find out a little more about us – Click here to see our interview on “Who Has The Runs”.

We will recap the weekend soon but I wanted to share a few pictures from our run yesterday.  We had a beautiful scenic run in Tall Timbers, Maryland.  We have been staying close to home and exploring the beauty around us.  It was a great day for a scenic 7 miles.

Have a great running day!


  1. Great Q&A at Who Has The Runs! I hadn’t heard of that blog before. Looks like a great run on the beach today. Lucky!

    • Thank you and thanks for the comment. We enjoyed answering the Q&A on Who has the runs. It was a cooooold run on the beach today but we had a great time. We have decided this year to enjoy the beauty around where we live a little more. Happy Running!