What Keeps Me Running?!

Yup, reality TV!!! I’m finally recovered from the RnR 1/2 marathon – my quads took a beating (not sure how the course was flat!) and it took over a week for them to feel normal. On top of that I was working a super-duper-secret-hush-hush-under-raps-shhhh-covert-stealth project for my company code named after a marine mammal…that was consuming all of my time, energy, and brain – I was emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted. I managed a 3 mile run every other day – it wasn’t pretty either… Ok, back to the topic on hand – after my Directv box crapped out in my gym last week I was tickled when I turned it on last night to pull off the code so I could send the hunk-of-junk back – and voila – it worked! Yup, yup – excitement! I planned to run 3 miles this morning – but was so motivated by the last Bachelor Pad show that I ran 6 miles as I was engrossed by the reality TV show. And…I didn’t get to finish it…so I can’t wait til tomorrow morning!! And I noticed that another one of my favs (90210) just kicked off their new season! Woohoo! Back to my 17 year old shows too! Ahhhh – life is good!!!