Wish My Bathroom was Closer…


I know this post is probably tmi…but…it was what I was thinking for 5 miles this morning on my treadmill. Like Jeff mentioned, we didn’t eat the greatest on vacation…but that is part of the fun. And I finished my bad eating habits last night by devouring a huge Maine whoppie pie that must have weighed 2 pounds! Boy it was good…and I was thrilled Samantha wasn’t interested in it. Fast forward to my run today…and 4 visits to the bathroom (which is upstairs) before I got 2 miles in! Thinking I should bring in Samantha’s portable potty from my van and prop it beside my treadmill…hmmmm…will save time…maybe I will try that… Wondering if Jeff is gonna remove this post!!!! :)


  1. The bathroom in the school where I workout is upstairs and down the hall…it’s a trek to make it there from the treadmill. I’ve clenched like a mofo soooo many times.

  2. I’m just happy you only posted a picture of the whoopie pie :)